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We, the parents of __________________________________________, have read and fully understood the Privacy Policy of the National Grandparents Day Council websites (<> and <> and <>). We grant our permission for our child to enter the National Grandparents Day SONGFEST 2009, which may or may not include placing his/her video/song on the YouTube web site.


We do____ // do not______ grant permission for our child's entry to appear as a link to the YouTube web site on the National Grandparents Day websites. (National Grandparents Day Council agrees that only first names will be shown, plus the child's age and state of residence.) (See Privacy Policy)

We also do_____ // do not______ grant permission for a photograph of our child to appear on the Grandparents Day websites (with first name and age only). Photograph is_____ is // not_____ enclosed.

We understand that our child's contest entry remains his/her property, and may appear in print on the National Grandparents Day Council websites. Also that no use other than that described above will be made of the entry without additional written parental consent.

Signed:________________________________ Date:______________
Father (or guardian)

Signed:________________________________ Date:______________
Mother (or guardian)



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YouTube URL Link:_______________________________________________________


Please print out this form, sign and send it with child's YouTube URL Link to:

National Grandparents Day Council
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Voice Mail and FAX: (619)585-8259

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