Grandparents Day Songfest/Contest

1. Anyone of any age may enter the Grandparents Day Song Contest.

2. Children: Select an old familiar children’s song (songs that are free or public domain) and put new words to the song. Let your rhyme tell about fun activities with your grandparents, stories they tell you, your appreciation of them. Maybe even a song about talking with your your grandparents by phone or computer. Or perhaps playing video games together.
Entrants under age l8 will need parental permission signed.
(a) Click here for great examples of songs to use.
(b) You can create your own original melody and let us know about it.

3. Adults: You may select an old familiar melody (one in the public domain) or you may compose your own melody. The words for your song would then speak of the bond between grandparents and grandchildren -- in general or personal terms.

4. Teachers and church groups: Select one of the songs currently displayed here,
and teach it to your students. Add rhythm instruments and/or dance movements if you wish.

5. Upon completion of rehearsing your song, get out the video camera. It’s showtime! Invite a friend or relative to videotape you singing your song. Or include relatives in your singing group. Or let your church or school classes sing your song on videotape.

6. Upload your song video toYouTube.

7. Final Step: Send us an e-mail ( as to where your entry is on You Tube.

Prizes have not yet been determined. We are still soliciting sponsors for the contest.
As soon as prizes are known, they will be linked to this page.

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