National Grandparents Day

About the National Grandparents Day Council

The National Grandparents Day Council is a non-profit corporation, established by descendants of Marian H. McQuade, Founder of National Grandparents Day.

The purpose of the Council is to enlarge and enhance the celebration of National Grandparents Day by cultivating intergenerational activities throughout the year.

Our goals are to honor grandparents and to strengthen the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Additionally, we strive to draw compassionate attention to the eldest of society's elderly--those in nursing homes.

Original Founder's Advisory Committee

Cecil H. Underwood
Governor of WV

Honorable Jennings Randolph
United States Senator of WV

Harvey White, CEO
Leap Wireless, Intl.

Ronald Ohl
President, Salem College

Elizabeth Thrush
News Media

Mrs. Fannie Redman
Aging Programs

Carolyn Terrell
Poet and Writer

Nancy Hannabass
Banker and Civic Leader

Shirley Love
WV State Senator

Jim Comstock
Journalist and Historian

Jim Franklin

Mrs. Gene Skeldon

Mrs. Astri Jarrett
Civic Leader

Bill Bright

The Shirley Donnelly
Bible Class

Junior Civitan Club
Oak Hill, WV

This web site is

Dedicated to the Founder of Grandparents Day: Marian H. McQuade - July 28, 1978

Contact Info:

DJ McQuade-Lancaster,
339 East J Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910

Phone & Fax: 619-585-8259

djm AT grandparents-day DOT com

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