Books of Interest to Grandparents

With Love, Grandma
Letter to Grandchildren
by Carl B. Smith
This collection of sample letters and books to share is full of whimsical illustrations and drawings by children.
Provides creative ideas for writing to your grandkids.
Family Learning Association:

An Activity Book
Hundreds of terrific things to do together, helping to reinforce the bonds between grandparents and grandchildren. Traditional games, crafts, recipes "from the good old days." Inexpensive projects which stimulate learning of practical skills.

Grandma & Grandpa,
May I Come Over?
When they visit, grandkids want to DO things. This books contains 52 different activities for each week of the year. The activities are inexpensive and easy and
grandkid-certified enjoyable.
Family Learning Association:

by Edna Coe Bercaw.
A warm and charming book about a Korean-American girl who is self-conscious about bringing her different-seeming grandmother to school on Grandparent's Day.
Best for elementary grades.
Publisher: Dial Books for Young Readers.

To Grandma's House We...Stay
by Sally Houtman, M.S.
This is a very wise and helpful book, especially for families headed by grandparents. Ms. Houtman tells it like it is, saying "The fact is, families are changing. We can either bail with all our might or look for a lifeboat." You'll definitely find plenty of life preservers in Ms. Houtman's writings.
Publisher: Studio 4 Productions


My Grandmother and Me-
A Memory Scrapbook for Kids

Can be a child's first scrapbook, with ample opportunities for the child to compare her interests and personality with those of her grandmother. Companion book called "My Grandfather and Me."

GrandmaWas Right
By Anne McKay Garris
39 1/2 Slogans to Raise Children By. Wisdom and witticisms for every situation between parent (or grandparent) and child. Quotes from Uncle Jake, Aunt Nellie, fortune cookies, and the Bible. Lots of good, common sense.
Access Publishers Network:

Guide to raising grandkids

Boomers' guide
to grandparenting

How divorce impacts your grandkids and you

Grandma U

I Don't Want to Talk About It
Abundant resources
for grandparents

My Grandma Lives at the Airport

When Grandma
was a Girl
Excellent book to read
to your children

Educating Nonny and Pops

My Grandma Lives
at the Airport

Honor your grandparent.
Compile His/Her Life Story
Miss Fannie's Hat

The Gifts of Being Grand

More Books of Interest to Grandparents:

Connecting the Generations,
by Dr. Roma Hanks.

Grandparenting in a Changing World
by Eda LeShan (Newmarket Press, 1997) 

Essential Grandparent: A guide for Making a Difference
by Dr. Lillian Carson (Health Communications, 1996)

The Girls with the Grandmother Faces:
A Celebration of Life's Potential for Those Over 55
by Frances Weaver (Hyperion, 1996)

Grandparents as Parents
by Sylvie de Toledo and Deborah Brown (The Guilford Press, 1995)

Grandparenting with Love and Logic: Practical Solutions to 
Today's Grandparenting Challenges
by Foster Kline, M.D. and Jim Fay (Kline-Fay Inst., 1994)

To Our Children's Children
by Bob Green and D. G. Fulford (Doubleday, 1993) 
("A guidebook that makes recording a personal history as 
uncomplicated and easy as writing a letter.")

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